About us

Waamo Social development Organisation
Waamo Social Development Organization is a registered non-governmental, non-religious and not profit organization. The organization aims to achieve its goals through a comprehensive strategy of advocacy, awareness–building, opinions building, organizationa l development and communication networks.


The organization is committed to take part all social development activities in Västerås and elsewhere in Sweden and helping marginalized and vulnerable groups living in Somalia through capacity-building efforts, humanitarian aid and development initiatives that alleviate poverty, improve living standards and participate positive social change. Waamo Social Development Organization is founded in Västerås 2013 by a group of Somali intellectuals with diverse professional backgrounds. We have a strong network at local and international partners.
Our main focus areas to serve the community are the following:

• Spread information, communication & education
• Design and implementation of culturally relevant programs
• Preservation and promotion of culture, language and traditions
• Social orientation and skills to minimize isolation.