Our Vision

Our vision

Our vision is to create a society where justice, equality and respect for human rights prevail. A society where everyone, regardless of age, gender, ideology, social background, skin color can enjoy and exercise their human and civil rights without discrimination of any kind.

Our mission

We summarize our mission the following points.
1) To encourage the community, groups and individuals to actively participate the well-being of the society.
2) To help children and young people for tuition classes, language training, cultural performances, and theater performances, sport activities and social cohesion programs in an attempt to gain political and cultural respect for our community.
3) We are trying to help to achieve a better integration into main Swedish society.
4) We break isolation situations found in some individuals, and show solidarity if a Member is in atrocities such as when you lose a family member or close relative, or in case of illness.
5) Conduct workshops in Swedish, social services, gender equality, social inclusion, and other important topics.
6) We coordinate celebrations especially religious and national holydays special occasions and other important times.
7) Fight against all forms of extremism and racism. Encourage youth to avoid drugs and criminality.