What we do

What we do in Sweden

Our organization has an effective networks of civil society organizations both local and international organizations. We have contacts and coordination with local authorities and national state agencies in Sweden namely Västerås Municipality. We have partnerships with the study associations like Vuxen Skolan (SV) and IOGT-NTO Associations in Västerås. We have good cooperation with the Agency for youth and civil society “MUCF”. Our organizational capacity is strong enough to carry out big projects both inside Sweden and outside, because the organization have previously implemented some important projects. The organization tend to take initiatives, new ideas and new commitments.

Social services

Our main objectives are to participate creating a society based on solidarity, coherence and gender equity. We work with all sectors of the society and we do circle discussion on integration, employment, gender equality, and creating tranquility and social stability. We provide some social services to the community including document translation, assistance with employment seeking techniques, helping individuals to contact the authorities and housing with new comers and after-work classes.

Youth Mentorship Program

This program provides mentoring services for kids and youth and young adults. We encourage youth to be active participants to the society. We incorporate an advocacy campaign to provide trustworthy information that can help youth to be responsible and respectful partners. We have a group of active adults and youth volunteers who actually help youth and give good guidance.

Tobacco and drugs cessation

Many people from horn of Africa use tobacco and chew Kat (classified as drugs). We encourage people to stop cigarettes and chewing Kat. Tobacco cessation services include classes and activities that give Somali smokers and Kat eater’s opportunities to quit using tobacco products and Kat.


Education services include tuition classes, homework classes, Family Wellness classes; Cultural Counseling – volunteers provide cultural specific counseling services to families with conflict and domestic violence. Usually program participants undergo circle discussions and meetings with an elders and religious experts. We target help children and young people get extra homework and tuition classes. We encourage youth attend school and vocational training centers.

What we do in Somalia

We have previously worked a series of development projects in Somalia. We have cooperated with local organizations in Somalia. But our projects were not big projects because our own resources were not enough to perform big projects and we did not receive economic assistances from any government or organizations. The results achieved were substantial. Our organization have the capacity to carry out important developmental projects due to the organizations capacity and experience. The organization has well-educated, experienced, engaged, committed and well-trained members and activists. The areas in which the organization has the strength are leadership, advocacy techniques, project management, contact with government agencies, knowledge about basic rights and obligations and how to make follow-up and monitoring.

In collaboration with local organizations our organization has previously worked on five different focus areas such as peace, democracy, human rights, gender equality and environmental improvements. Factors that assist us achieve our goals are that the target groups and local population actively cooperates with us. We are equipped with accumulated knowledge and skills to reach the public and influence with new ideas like peace-building, spreading democratic values, raising gender issues, raising environmental issues and other important issues in the area of the project.