How to mitigate the impacts of recurrent droughts in Lower-Jubba region

Waamo Social Development is currently implementing an ambitious project about how to mitigate the impact of recurrent droughts in Lower-Jubba region of Somalia. The aim of the project is to educate people in Lower-Jubba region how to minimize the consequences of droughts like famine, hunger, displacement, environmental degradation and instability. The main goal of the project is to educate the society in Lower-Jubba region both from rural and urban areas on how to make preparations for the drought periods. But tolve the environmental problems need to solve also other social problems like conflicts. When the project is implemented the target groups have learned new ideas to settle conflicts peacefully and democratically. That means the project aims to encourage people to set aside their differences and combine their efforts to face the challenges of the climate change.

The project programs focus on changing people’s attitude, behaviors, and values of conflict management. Our efforts are to organize the local population and educate the people to solve conflicts by peaceful means and democracy. To achieve the project goals, it is required to mobilize civil society, primarily women’s groups, youths, rural population, clan leaders and other strategic groups. During the seminars and workshops our efforts are awareness-raising of non-violent handling of conflicts as well as spreading pluralism and social cohesion. People are encouraged to settle their conflicts in order to have the chance to face the environmental challenges.

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